About Artist

Oli K. has learned his skill of painting in Pilbara region of Western Australia.

He is the oldest out of thre children abandon by parents.

Oli is very unique artist. Apart from traditional dreamings paintings, he reaches deeper into his soul and emotions by painting stories, stories of life and death, stories of love and despair.

Oli wants to remain annonymous as he is very private person and lives a solitary life. All he wants is to put his vision and emotions onto canvas.

What is unusual about Oli is how he chooses who will get his paintings. They won't always be sold to the highest bidder. Oli wants to know why a buyer wants his painting, only person who deserves his painting and only when his painting is going to a "good home" he will sell. It is almost like a finding a good home for his children.

Thats how Father Jan Kaczkowski got his painting for his fantastic work with sick people. When Oli K has learned about hospice that Father Jan runs, the artist decided to contribute profits from his paintings to help hospice with the running cost.