About Foundation

Kuligowski Foundation has been established to support Father's Pio Hospice in Puck.

During the last stage of life of my wife, when she was finally defeated by cancer, I have found the Father Jan Kaczkowski internet site. I have been seeking help to find out how to help my wife to leave this world with dignity and to reach the heaven.

When Jola was gone I have invited Father Jan to visit Australia to help me through the healing process, to assist in overcoming the sadness and extreme pain I have suffered after losing her.

During his visit in Australia Jan has helped not only myself but moved the hearts of so many people. When I met Oli K, the artist who has painted beautiful painting for Jan and his Hospice, I come with the idea of supporting Hospice.

That is how my cooperation with Oli and his siblings has started, how we initiated the sale of the aboriginal art to support the Hospice.

It is amazing, 20 000 km from Australia, in small town Puck, people will be able to admire art created by Australian artists.