About Hospice

The Hospice, is the place where we provide professional and above all excellent, warm care for people with terminal illness. Our goal to make our patients to fill like at home is supported by doctors, nurses and physiotherapists. Our patients can enjoy support from psychologist and priest who bring to life this hospice and is living here. Our volunteers provide daily chats and support.

Hospice is located in quiet, safe suburb of Puck, is surrounded by a lot of green nature. It offers two single rooms, six double beds rooms and one room with three beds. We care for our patients wellbeing, their privacy and contacts with family. For this reason we provide two rooms for patients families. There is a chapel in Hospice which provides access to everyday masses and communions. We look after patients’ needs and wishes and try to fulfil them to the best of our possibilities.

For more details about Hostpice please visit http://www.hospitium.org